Ode to the Coronavirus

March 20, 2020 9:56 pm Published by 6 Comments


They call it coronavirus, a genetic aberration,
a mutation damnation, an intimidation plaguing the world’s civilization.
How long will this devastation affect each nation,
halting transportation, mandating segregation and stay-at-home habitation?
It came from the East, its birthplace origination,
a gestation foundation seeking personal validation and world domination.
It spread in every direction, a continuous migration,
as if a retribution, a retaliation, a subjugation of the planet’s civilization.
As we shelter-in-place, hoarding toilet paper and rations,
waiting for vaccinations, devaluations, and forms of remuneration,
many will binge on Netflix for the duration,
while others work in isolation in this modern age of communication.
What make we of this usurpation of mankind’s federation?
Is God punishing his congregation for indignation and exploitation?
Or is it a natural evolution, a biological continuation?
The religious and the atheists will now have time to argue this narration.
Is there a compensation from this biological contamination?
Perhaps a new societal sophistication, focusing less on individual creation:
as we discover again that none of us is an island location,
that a celebration of human compassion will bring us our salvation.


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This post was written by paulmarktag


  • ed says:

    love your thoughts Paul!

  • Buttons Wolst says:

    Thank you for a great poem to inspire and connect us during these trying times. I loved the Internal rhyme!

  • Cay Cooney says:

    Well done Paul. Thank you!

  • Daura Palmer says:

    This was great! You have inspired me…

    Deprived of my vocation and a relaxing vacation
    I am babysitting my grandkids in a strange staycation.
    My days are full of action, my nights full of exhaustion
    While I wait for this time to come to it’s completion.

    • Paul Mark Tag says:

      It is clear a writing career is in the offing,
      for you Daura Palmer I come applauding.
      Your talent startling, wordsmithing seducing.
      Advice? Give up your day job of masseusing!

      • Daura Palmer says:

        My dear Paul, you and Becky are inspiring
        This latest try at creative writing
        Between her hummingbird feeding
        And your poetry full of feeling
        Massage is not something I’m missing!