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As noted in a previous blog, over the past five months my web site,, has been undergoing a complete redesign. My old website was showing its age compared to new designs.  In particular, my home page was much too wordy and unnecessarily complicated.  The new design is simpler and easier to navigate. Still, nothing has been lost from the old site; in fact, there is more content, and I will be discussing one particular new feature in a separate blog.Home Page screen shot_18Jun14

Please take a gander ( and see what you think. As with all web designs, a major concern is making the content appear the same on different platforms and browsers; that is not an easy task, Ed tells me. Some new features necessarily require the latest versions of browsers. FYI, Internet Explorer 11 has difficulty with the flipping books on the home page. If you encounter difficulties, please tell me about them and which browser/platform you are using.  As well, over the coming months, as this shakedown cruise proceeds, additions and improvements will be on tap.

My sincere and grateful thanks go out to Ed Barker and Nancy Brennan for the perseverance and talent they brought to bear to my web site. This project was a lot of work for them. Obviously, I highly recommend Monterey eSolutions to anyone considering a makeover or new design to enhance their Internet presence.



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