Author Marketing Experts, Inc. chosen as publicist for How Much Do You Love Me?

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As noted in an earlier blog, my new historical novel, How Much Do You Love Me? revolves around the Japanese internment of World War II.  It will be released by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media on August 12th.

I’ve chosen Penny Sansevieri to be the official publicist for my book.  Her company, Author Marketing Experts, is a well-known and respected player within the literary community; Penny is a widely known expert in her field.  She had previously represented two of my thrillers, Prophecy and White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy.


My wife, Becky, and I met Penny in San Diego to discuss an appropriate marketing approach.  Contrary to my earlier thrillers, How Much? requires a different strategy, spanning a range of readers: from Christian romance, to Asian fiction, to women’s fiction, to World War II fiction, as well as historical fiction in general.  We discussed this challenge over lunch, and Penny has come up with a strategy to reach all of these audiences.


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