Want a signed copy?

If you want a signed copy of either Category 5 or Prophecy, I will mail one to you.

Here are the various options and their prices: Category 5 (softback)–$18.95; Category 5 (hardback)–$28.95; Prophecy (softback)–$20.95; Prophecy (hardback)–$30.95.  To the book cost, add three dollars to cover media mail shipment.  Media mail is slow but inexpensive.  If you want Priority Mail (2-3 days), please add $5.

There are two options to sending me the money.  You can mail a check to the following address, as well as the name to whom you want me to make out the book:

Paul Mark Tag, 25611 Whip Road, Monterey, CA 93940-6625

The other option is the easier one.  Because I have a PayPal account, just send the money via PayPal.  For a PayPal mail forwarding, you need my e-mail address.  It is tag@peoplepc.com.  If you go this route, make sure to e-mail me with the information I need to sign the book.