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Stories you can listen to, #3: A Matter of Honor

In my continuing series of short stories, this one deviates significantly in tone from the first two. The Curious Miss Crabtree is a humorous tale. Mary’s Secret delves into the mystery of a six-year-old girl who has two close friends who visit her in her room, always after the stroke of midnight. Are they real or just imaginary?


Nazi Flag_28Jul14

A Matter of Honor tackles a more serious subject. Allen Westerly has a problem.  A noted art-forger, he is presented with a job that will tax his conscience. Will he go through with it or come to terms with his own history, a past that he has been avoiding for some fourteen years?  Click here to listen to or read the story.



Let celebrations begin! It’s August 12th, the official release date for How Much Do You Love Me?

Fireworks Celebration                         Order your copy by clicking here; you can choose from Cedar Fort, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon. FYI, the Amazon Kindle version can be ordered now, and the other electronic versions will be available shortly, I’m told.

Note: By a remarkable coincidence, today is also the 30th wedding anniversary for me and Becky.



Paul and Becky’s excellent adventure at Cedar Fort Publishing

The publisher for my historical novel, How Much Do You Love Me? is Cedar Fort Publishing, located in Springville, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City. Cedar Fort is medium-sized, as publishers go, putting out about 160 books per year. My book is scheduled for release on August 12th. Becky and I were fortunate to be invited to a banquet featuring new authors. Without using too many words, I’ll summarize our day.


First, we had lunch with my editor, Alissa Voss. We met on the Brigham Young University campus (she no longer works at Cedar Fort). I have included a picture of her and me. My book is as good as it is because of her editorial contributions; she has great insight.





Kelly + Melissa_5Aug14

Next, compliments of tour-guide Renee, Becky and I had an afternoon tour of the Cedar Fort headquarters. Two of the staff I had wanted to meet were there: Kelly Martinez and Melissa Caldwell, my Cedar Fort publicist and copy editor. They were excellent in their jobs and, importantly, were able to tolerate my incessant questions and worries. Noteworthy as well, we met the president of Cedar Fort, Bryce Mortimer.


In addition, Becky and I were treated to the “warehouse.”  Remarkably, all of  Cedar Fort’s books are stored in an adjacent building. Renee told us that Cedar Fort prides itself on keeping back copies of many of their books; if it sells at all, they keep copies (apparently this is not usual among publishers). Here is a representative picture of what the warehouse looks like. Somewhere among those boxes sits How Much Do You Love Me? awaiting the thousands of buyer orders to come in.


And finally, there was the evening banquet, set up in a corner of the warehouse. After an excellent catered, buffet dinner, our presentations began. Presentations to whom, you ask. Presentations to 50+ bookstore owners, etc.  I and two other presenters (there were other presentation groups as well) made our way through nine tables. Each of us (at each table) had two minutes to make our presentation. I was initially wary of the procedure but it all worked out. The attached picture shows me pointing to one of my two visual aids (in this case the cover of the book).

Becky and I were lucky to have made the trip to Utah. Without exception, everyone was friendly to us and treated us well. We met the people with whom I’ve been working over the past ten months, got to see how Cedar Fort’s operation works, and were able to pitch my book to potential buyers.



The Japanese Internment of World War II, Part 2: Pearl Harbor

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Short story number two: Mary’s Secret

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New Website Feature: stories you can listen to

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Global Climate Change: Fact or Fiction?

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Coming soon: Monterey eSolutions redesign of

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