• How Much Do You Love Me?

    Publication Date, Cedar Fort Publishing: August 12, 2014

    “In Paul Mark Tag’s historical novel two young lovers challenge the taboos of World War II America. How Much Do You Love Me? relates the story of Keiko Tanaka’s and James Armstrong’s love for each other and how their love is tested… How Much Do You Love Me? is a romance, very well written, sensitive and compassionate. A few great historical novels tell the truth about history. Tag’s How Much Do You Love Me? is one of these few… At its heart is a mystery pressing the reader on to the last few pages to a surprising solution. It is a compelling read. It is an unforgettable story.”

    John Gubbins, Author of Profound River and Raven’s Fire

  • White Thaw

    “Paul Mark Tag[‘s] books never disappoint.  He is a gifted writer and knows how to craft a great story.

    My introduction was with his novel Category 5.

    From there I moved on to Prophecy.

    [With] White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy, once again the reader is seduced into a fictional world that is hard to escape from…White Thaw takes us on a great adventure [involving] global warming [and] poses the question, just how far would a group go to win?”

    Simon Barrett, Blogger New Network

  • Prophecy

    “Paul Mark Tag has done it again!

    In Prophecy, the second of his series of meteorological mysteries that began with Category 5, he addresses the possibility of gene-carried psychic abilities?

    Could we all become psychic, thanks to genetic engineering?

    Or could certain individuals be “reproduced” for purposes of governmental espionage?

    Tag has a special talent for making characters ring true, and for keeping you on the edge of your seat.”

    Arline Chase, Author and Publisher

  • Category 5

    “…An action-packed adventure, Category 5 is a whirlwind of a thriller that whisks the reader into the very eye of the storm. Thoroughly entertaining, you won’t be able to set the story aside until this storm blows over.”

    Bob Walch, Book Reviewer, Monterey Herald, Monterey, California

  • Errant Ricochet

    “The Errant Ricochet is a collection of Tag’s short stories, the stories that he wrote before diving into the world of full length novels…

    All are very intricately constructed…

    The style of writing reminds me so much of the late Roald Dahl.

    Tales Of The Unexpected, and Kiss Kiss, are probably the best known, and formed the basis of a BBC series.

    The writing style is very similar, particularly the sting in the tail at the end of each story.

    “From teen angst, short thrillers, maybe even a little romance, to humor and fantasy, Paul Mark Tag explores them all.”

    Simon Barrett, Blogger News Network

Scientist To Author



Paul Mark Tag received degrees in the field of Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University, the last in 1977. He worked for the Naval Research Laboratory as a research scientist for over thirty years before leaving his job to write fiction fulltime. Read full story.

photo of Paul Mark Tag